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Horse Body Paint - Lincoln Memorial University
Tennessee - September.2016. Dr. Concha
Horse Body Paint - Morristown 
Tennessee - July 2016 Dr. Concha
Horse Body Paint - Lincoln Memorial University
Tennessee - 2015 Dr. Concha

Horse Body Paint- Santiago Chile - 2013
see all the pictures HERE
Human Body Paint- 
University of Chile -Santiago Chile - 2012
human 001
human 002


Centaurus Benedictus

Centaurus Benedictus -2016
pencil on paper
(up to 27 x 17 inches)
(hasta 68 x 43 cms)

IConcha Horse 002-e Horse -2014
pencil on paper
(up to 7 x 7 inches)
(hasta 18 x 18 cms)
Bird Tree-2008
pencil on paper

IConcha MinotaurusInsitus 01-e
Minotaurus Insitus-2007
pencil on paper
(up to 14 x 11 inches)
(hasta 36 x 29 cms)

IConcha CentaurusInversus 01-e
Centaurus Inversus-2007
pencil on paper
(up to 11 x 13 inches)
(hasta 28 x 34 cms)

IConcha-FutureAutoprotection 001-e Future Autoprotection-2001
color pencil on paper
Alerce sapiens sapiens
Alerce sapiens sapiens-2000
pencil on paper

IConcha Horse 001-e Horse-2000
color pencil on paper

IConcha CreationOfPeace 001-e
Creation Of Peace-1999
pencil on paper

woman-ee Woman-1990
chalk on paper
(up to 12 x 18 inches)
(hasta 30 x 45 cms)




IConcha DogBody 001-e Dog Body 01
IConcha DogBodyWithknee 001-e Dog Body With Knee 01
IConcha DogSectionPlanes 001-e Dog Section Planes 01
IConcha DogSectionPlanes 002-e Dog Section Planes 02
IConcha-Dog Skull-001-e Dog Skull 01
IConcha-SimpatheticPath 001-e Sympathetic Path 01
IConcha-DogSkullForamina 001-e Dog Skull Foramina 01
IConcha DogKnee 001-e Dog Knee 01
IConcha DogKnee 002-e Dog Knee 02
IConcha DogKnee 003-e Dog Knee 03
IConcha Dog nTrigemino-e Dog Trigeminous N. 01
IConcha DogNose 001-e Dog Nose 01
IConcha DogMesotendineum-e Dog tendinous sheath 01

















































































































IConcha-Cat Skull-001-e Cat Skull 01



IConcha BovineHumerus 001-ee
Bovine Humerus 01

IConcha BovineRadioUlna 001-ee
Bovine Radio-Ulna 01

IConcha BovineMetacarpus 001-ee
Bovine Metacarpus 01

IConcha BovineFemur 001-ee
Bovine Femur 01

Small Ruminants

IConcha GoatThorax 001-e Goat Thorax 01

IConcha GoatThorax 002-ee
Goat Thorax 02

IConcha GoatThorax 003-e Goat Thorax 03

IConcha GoatThorax 004-e Goat Thorax 04



IConcha-PigSpleen-001-e Pig Spleen



IConcha DolphinScapula 001-e Dolphin Scapula 01


IConcha MyRightFoot 001-ee My Right Foot

IConcha LeftHand 001-ee My Left Hand



IConcha PosterConfer2005 001-e Poster Confer 2005

IConcha PosterEcolog 001-e Poster Ecolog

IConcha PosterSILAT 001-e Poster SILAT



IConcha DogAcromegaly 01-e Dog Acromegaly

IConcha HowtogiveaPill 01-e How to give a Pill




IConcha CushingSindrome 001-e Cushing Sindrome

IConcha NervousSystem 001-e Nervous System

IConcha kuneclanumicla-e kuneclanumicla


IConcha-BicyclingInTheFuture 001-e Bicycling In The Future

IConcha DogStudent-e Dog Student

IConcha GallusManusDomesticus 01-e Gallus Manus  Domesticus



IConcha VolcanoesOfTheGreenSea 01-e Volcanoes of the green sea-1989

IConcha-AnimalUsers 001-e Animal Users-1995

Anatomical specimens

shark01 Plastinated Shark. UST Chile
shark02 Plastinated Shark. UST Chile
skid 01 Plastinated Squid. UST Chile
marine Plastinated Marine specimens. UST Chile
ust 01
ust 02 Latex Injection. UST Chile
ust 03 Insufflation. UST Chile
ust 04 Human Placenta Injection. UST Chile
human 01 Sagittal section of human head
Ready to be plastinated.